Many of us have been faced with a problem when we have sought information about our families, only to discover that we remembered too late, when there was no longer anyone around to ask...

The continuity that a biography can provide to future generations is of great value to us, our children, and generations to come. This book passes down as part of the legacy, enabling continuity, the transmission of information, lessons, and family culture, and making it possible for every branch of the family to know their origins and their family history. Furthermore, copies of the book can be donated to libraries such as those located in the Diaspora Museum, in the Assisted Living Home, or at Aley Shalechet. Documentation, editing, and printing of the story of your life or that of your family in a personalized and impressive biography will be a family heirloom with deep significance for future generations. An Aley Shalechet researcher will accompany you as you prepare the book, interviewing and listening, photographing and collecting pictures and other materials. The contents of the book will be professional edited and graphically designed, and then printed and bound. Similarly, histories can also be compiled about organizations, bodies, and enterprises.


The book can be formatted in various ways: one continuous story written chronologically; a collection of short anecdotes; an elegant personal and family picture album, bound in soft or hard cover; and other variations making each book personal and unique.


Producing an individualized book is not the final stage! An electronic copy can be put out on the Internet and distributed among friends and family members, and even turned into an impressive web site.


In order to produce the biography, an Aley Shalechet representative will come to your house (or anywhere that is convenient for you) and show you a number of possible samples for the book. Based on a short interview, s/he will prepare a price quotation and suggest a work schedule for producing a book that is suitable for your needs and desires.

The price of the book is determined by the number of pages, the number of hours of interviews and research, the amount of pictures, the format of the book (hard/soft binding, the paper on which the book is printed), the number of copies ordered, and additional formats. Therefore, we can only offer a price quotation after a personal meeting (that is held with no financial obligation on your part).
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