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All the counseling services offered by Aley Shalechet are provided by certified professionals, each one a specialist in his or her own area, who work in coordination with Aley Shalechet, and are committed to supplying their services at reasonable prices.
  • COUNSELING IN WRITING THE WILL – professional advice in writing the will, given by lawyers who have specialized in this field.
  • TAX COUNSELING – Advice about tax laws and finding the optimal method to plan bequests to the advantage of the beneficiaries. This advice is given by lawyers and accountants who have specialized in this field
  • COUNSELING IN WRITING EULOGIES – Advice and writing personalized eulogies by writers with the appropriate orientation, experience and knowledge of composition, literature and Judaism.
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING AND SUPPORT – psychological help to the family members in the days following their loss, given by certified psychologists who have specialized in this field.
  • COUNSELING IN PLANNING THE FUNERAL – the Aley Shalechet staff who specialize in the planning, supervision, and conducting of funerals would be happy to be at your service and inform you of the broad spectrum of possibilities available to you.
  • COUNSELING IN CHOOSING THE APPROPRIATE CEMETERY FOR YOU – we would be happy to help you select the appropriate cemetery for you from the chain of Aley Shalechet private cemeteries.
  • COUNSELING IN CHOOSING A MONUMENT – The Aley Shalechet monument manufacturers help in selecting the appropriate monument for you, from a wide selection. We also offer the possibility of ordering special designs planned and executed by artisans according to your requirements.
  • COUNSELING ON SPECIAL SUBJECTS – on any subject related to burial, funerals, and mourning
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