Cremation and Judaism - General

First we must remember that the Torah and the following interpret the Torah used several tools , some halachic sources and some archaeological and historical research .
Relevant sentences that reflect Jewish worldview interpretations :

"  The many faces of Torah " ? Acceptable the Torah can be interpreted in more ways than one legitimate  way.
"Man  by faith will live " ? Even after rulings rabbis, every Jew has the right of choice to build his faith according to individual perception .
"Do you a rabbi" ? Because of the multiplicity of interpretations , the halachic law recommends that you actually choose who is your rabbi which you trust and consult only him.
The Torah was given to Moses and the people. Judaism differs form the rules of the "Gentiles" ( Catholics ) as she never had a " Holy Father " . there is no hierarchy in Judaism and there for no one   able to speak the name of God (at least not since the prophets ) .
Judaism begins with Abraham. The first thing he did was breaking his father's idols . That is, the first lesson to be learned first Jewish act is allowed to break all tradition and evaluated in light of the needs of the Jewish people. Acts of rebellion in the tradition of the Torah considered the low of today and are not to be broken. Such as Rabbi Yochanan that his opposition uprising and escaping to Yavna saved Judaism . Rabbi Gamaliel burial customs changed and set burial in shroud ... (more on it below).
Before we examine different interpretations , we must remember that the rules and the most important commandments in the Torah we received directly and without commentary . Nowhere is it written that we must bury or burn or that ( and to does familiar it in reference to "bury bury me"will be  in the chapter quotations ) .
Judaism cremation subject  is not simple and certainly not clear. The subject should  be examind in the eyes of rabbis and its  consequences of varying degrees . For example, Rabbi Michael Holzman (U.S. ) states we should consider other aspects of Judaism concerning burial, burial shroud for example . Practice burial shroud which stemmed from economic after  Rabn Gamaliel ruled that regardless of the family's financial status  briual should be based on a common denominator the cheapest funeral , burial shroud . (Talmud Moed Katan , 27, a, B ). at that time it was customary practice adoption of the Gentiles .
Modern rabbis also consider environmental quality and public health (see Regulations Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environment ) and certainly needs of life for future land utilization . Burial methods practiced today are looked as we rob our children about half a hectare of land each day. Which contradicts Genesis B, O , that the land was given to us to till it and keep it the subject cremation Judaism is not simple and certainly not clear " " .
Universal attention is relevant to the person's last wish . So the arbiters obligated to relate to coercion which they treated the person's last journey . This reference also appears Talmud Gittin from showing a " mitzvah uphold the words of the dead ."
Burial society(Kadish)holds  plots for Ash at Holon, Tel Regev and Jerusalem
State of Israel buried the ashes of Arthur Rubinstein at  hills of Jerusalem by his will .
Judaism permits and recommends the useof lime  whan burying in the ground  , and compilers and sprinkle lime on the body . Biological and technical support in the case of lime and in the case of fire body consumed by it.
Can and should mention that fire comes from the root word S.r.f. Resin Angel
Word Apr foil letters is a luxury or RP - cured , medical ...
Wrote by Australia's Chief Rabbi Dr Shalom Coleman that cremation is contrary to Jewish law but so is violence. Moreover , he stressed , " freedom of choice is God's gift to everyone " in his letter he also emphasizes the right to vote in democratic countries as a supreme value .
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