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Aley Shalechet is committed to the following principles in all our operations:
  • DIGNITY – Death is one of the most sensitive subjects in our lives, yet, it is currently handled under the intense pressure of time, while we are subjected to the influence of people and institutions that are interested in promoting their own agendas. Our goal is to establish a process that will ensure the most appropriate and respectful handling of the leave-taking from our dear ones, and prevent exploitation of the survivors.
  • CHOICES – From the recognition that there is more than one way to be Jewish, and more than one way to take our final leave from our loved ones, and out of the understanding that different people have different needs, we provide a broad spectrum of services that can all be adapted to suit the individual.
  • QUALITY OF SERVICE – There are times when Israeli consumers accept and forgive mediocrity, but we do not. We give our clients the best service, and nothing less.
  • AVAILABILITY – We are available at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • DATA AND INFORMATION CENTER – We serve as a center to which the public can address itself on the following subjects – death, funerals, rituals, mourning practices, ideological questions, religious questions, and other related topics.
  • COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE – Aley Shalechet has the greatest respect for its clients, and therefore will always use the most modern equipment, the best craftspeople, and professional and devoted staff; we will be meticulous in filling the wishes of our clients in every ceremony and interment, with attention to all the details, both little and big.
  • RESPECT FOR ALL RELIGIONS – Aley Shalechet believes in and is committed to pluralism; we respect all religions, beliefs, and customs. Our company will do its utmost to provide for everyone, without discrimination, and of course, with the necessary adaptations.
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