Scattering ashes in the Holy Land - affiliation opportunities

Scattering ceremony in a place that is meaningful to your clients is offered in the prime locations of the Holy land. As extension to your products and services, Aley Shalechet (Deciduous Leaves) funeral Home in Israel comes with a line of business attractions for your clients that will allow them new options


The services can be as formal or informal as preferred, Our scattering services can also be with the presence of the family and friends or alternatively, handled by our stuff who will document it. Aley Shalechet performed hundreds of such ceremonies and can tailor one just with your clients needs. Location can include Jerusalem or the sea of Galilee just to name just a few of the options in picking the most known location from the old and new testament


Other options Aley Shalechet is offering to our business partner range from burial service in the holy land in our cemetery located in proximity to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion international airport. 


Additional range of technology solution: Personalized memorial web sites for your clients managed by yourself our directly by the clients. was developed with the realization of the need by organizations from all sectors; publice, private and civil to commemorate their members who have passed away. To do so with a dignified presence online as part of their internet or intranet properties or publicly in our site. is a free service tailored for ease of use by non programmers that can creat, manage and overview activities in such a way to keep in line with the organization needs and values.

In addition, offering free memorial pages to private users as well.

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