Scattering of Ashes


As part of pre-planning of man's final journey, a person or family should make their call on what to do with the cremation ashes. There are various options - all according to the Last Will and Testament of the person and the decision of his family. 
Among the option, one can find  are:

launch of the urn into space - an eternal cosmic resting place.

Creating a monument out of the ashes,  from artistic sculptures to  jewelry, including a creation of a diamond and all the way to "Memorial Reef" - a designed reef made of environmentally safe cast concrete that is used to create new marine habitats for fish and other forms of sea life.

There are those who choose an eco urn - disintegrating container  for burial  in the ground -, with the thought of "ashes to ashes "

However, one of the most classic solutions - scattering ashes - still has great appeal with unlimited options - the sea, the park or the woods, on the mountain in addition to the natural solution such as in your private yard or in a cemetery .

Aley Shalechet cooperate with funeral homes from around the world in offering ashes scattering services in  Israel - a special place in world’s culture, which attracts people from all religions .  .

Burial or scattering events can be documented for prosperity , ceremonies can be with participation of family as well.

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