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The holy land’s unique ash scattering opportunities

  if you are a funral director or a web site releated to funreal directors this is a B2B offering for you
The holy land of Israel serves as one of the world’s most desired destination for ash scattering ceremonies. Our affiliate program allows you to offer your clients the option of choosing their preferred scattering location in accordance with their religious beliefs

Aley Shalechet (Deciduous Leaves) funeral home holds scattering ceremonies in Israel’s prime locations on a daily basis. Our mission is to allow a wide cultural and religious variety of people to fulfill their dying wish and scatter their ashes closest to their god.

Benefits: With today’s soaring numbers of people choosing cremation over burial, our affiliate program serves as an extension to your funeral home’s current services, adding significant emotional and practical value to your establishment, as well as furthering your reach into previously impossible to approach markets.

Aley Shelechet (Deciduous Leaves) funeral home invites you to join our affiliate program and establish a long lasting relationship of mutual profit and interest with Israel’s first and only funeral home.

Please contact our representatives at +972-50-2295800 or fill the form on the top right to learn more about the unique opportunities and benefits our affiliate programs offers.

The holy land’s most desired ash scattering locations:

The Jordan River

The holy city of Jerusalem

Bet lehem

Sea of galilee



to name just a few

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