Trends in the Modern World

In 1975, the crematoria unions in the United States and Canada combined. Their membership included 475 funeral homes with crematoria serving approximately 150,000 clients a year. By 1999, 1,468 funeral homes operating crematoria were members of the union, with almost 600,000 clients a year, more than 25% of those who died in the United States (!).

In more progressive countries, and especially in those countries with a deficit of land, laws were introduced encouraging that cremation be the preferred option. One of the laws that can be found in countries like Holland, England, Argentina, and others is the law concerning public cemeteries, according to which at the time of burial, practically speaking, the grave plot is leased for the use of the deceased for a limited period of time (that varies from 15 to 75 years), at the end of which the bones are disinterred from the grave and transferred for cremation in a crematorium institute.

Here are some statistics about the use of the cremation option throughout the world:
  • The United States - 26%
  • Canada - 45%
  • Holland - 68%
  • Great Britain - 70%
  • Japan - almost 100%
The growth trend in these countries is constantly on the rise.
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