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Symbolic portion ash scattering and burial in the Holy Land and more for your clients. To learn more press here

Get the latest services and products to offer your clients. Symbolic ash scattering,  ash scattering and burial in the holy land to help build  their  legacy 

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Final Quest- Ash Scattering

Symbolic portion ash scattering & 

Ash scattering in Israel -a unique geographical location with interests points for faith, history and people final quest set your or loved one ceremony in this one of a kind setting.



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Scattering is now available in the Yardenit, where Jesus was baptised by John.


Scattering is now available in Capharnaum, where the Feeding of the multitude took place


Scattering is now available in Tabgha, where the paralytic man had been healed by Jesus.

Dozens of location are available all over Israel both "holy" by nature or with unique story behind them such as the dead sea- the lowest point on earth. A great value in creating a meaningful mile stone in the building an ever lasting legacy for your clients.

Jordan River scattering site

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